photo — victor velazquez

photo — victor velazquez


Hi. I'm Adrian, a commercial portrait photographer based in Elmhurst, IL. 

"Emotion is everything"

That single quote has guided me through all stages of my career. My start in photography wasn't very traditional, it all started 25 years ago...

When I was 1 year old, my family moved back to Mexico. Family members would often send us photographs as keepsakes. Since I hadn't seen many of the people in the photos for a very long time, I started to believe that they were somehow trapped inside of them. I never allowed anyone to take a picture of me for fear of being trapped in one myself. I always kept photos near me and often sat and tirelessly sifted through them over and over again. As I grew older, I realized it was the emotion, and not people, that were 'trapped' in the photos.

My lifelong passion for photography began to blossom.